That dance scene with Travolta

Uma the enigma

IN 2003, cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk when her five year marriage to fellow actor, Ethan Hawke, fell apart, Uma Thurman said very little. Superficially, it seemed the break up was the result of his alleged infidelity with a 22 year old model while shooting a film far from home. There was talk of Uma brothers threatening to thump him, and it seemed she was the injured party. Cannily, she was also the quiet one.

Understandably keen to defend himself, Ethan attempted to explain the nature of celebrity marriage, while Uma offered nothing more than brief comments on the pity of it all. Thus, he found his image tarnished but Uma was unblemished. The way we like her, the way we want her and the way she very carefully keeps it.

Uma Thurman remains the only mortal mystery left in Hollywood, a controlled enigma in a celebrity culture that does not otherwise encourage “aloof”. Which means that even when she does wrong, either personally or professionally, either by getting divorced or turning out a turkey, we forgive her. Because she cool, and cool might just be the secret to Uma enduringly untarnished appeal.

Her latest aaa replica designer handbags outing in music business comedy replica louis vuitton bags , Be Cool, seems to back up that impression. In this sequel to 1995 Get Shorty, Thurman plays Edie Athens, the widow of an industry player who decides to try out the business for herself. She teams up with Chili Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Palmer (John Travolta), who is shifting from the movie business of the first film into promoting a young singer, Linda Moon (Christina Milian).

Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, as with Get Shorty, and directed by F Gary Gray (2003 The Italian Job) film is a comedy of unorthodox, music business manners. While it has some moments, it fails to work overall. Which might have been forgivable cheap louis vuitton bags from china if the expected magic between Thurman and Travolta had been allowed to ignite.

Thurman main reason for taking the role, she has said, was to work with Travolta again. Burned on to even the most casual cinemagoer brain is their turn together in Pulp Fiction, and Be Cool not only promised to reunite them, but to make them dance again. Sadly, however, even that scene to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas Sexy falls flat.

It is unlikely, however, that this flat film will damage Uma image. The film replica louis vuitton handbags might be less than brilliant, but the key to Uma charm is the sense that she better than the madness of the movie business and worth coming back for.

While declining to admit she was in any way similar to the character of Edie Athens, a recent interview saw Uma Thurman confess that she could relate to the young widow in a tough business.

“I guess there is a certain vulnerability mixed with a degree of toughness and her swagger to which I could relate,” aaa replica designer handbags she said, “which tries to keep it hidden that she is actually a softie.”

Thurman only ever offers the softie side in brief glimpses. Instead, she focuses attention on her alleged intelligence and intellectual leanings, which immediately set her apart from and above her Hollywood counterparts. Her pedigree in that department is well replica louis vuitton bags documented, in particular her unconventional upbringing by her father Robert, an academic and former Tibetan Buddhist monk,and her Scandinavian, former model mother Nena, who was previously married to psychedelic explorer Timothy Leary.

When Uma and her three brothers were small, the family moved around America and India and, in a sense, she learned to make a virtue from an early age of being the outsider. She was tall ultimately six foot and gangly as a teenager, and one of her mother friends suggested a nose job that would have ruined the angular, filly look that has become her fortune. From an early career in modelling, Uma quickly turned to acting, and made her feature film debut in 1984, at the age of 14.

Thurman was still in her teens when, in 1988, she won the breakthrough role of Cecile de Volanges, the innocent virgin seduced by John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons. The following year, she took a role in the controversial, sexually explicit Henry high quality designer replica handbags and June, the first film to earn an NC 17 certificate in America, a performance that convinced she had acting ability as well as arresting looks. Further, Henry and June demonstrated that there was something edgy replica louis vuitton , smart and special about Uma. Her looks and history lent the exotic, and yet she was and is very American. Familiar enough to be embraced, but “other” enough to be put on a pedestal.

Pulp Fiction made her cool, however. That dance scene with Travolta, the black wig, the syringe slammed in her chest it all added up to serious street cred, and Thurman has cultivated that sense since. It must suit her to be considered cool and slightly unreachable, a cut above the rest, almost an old fashioned, untouchable movie star. It works with her legendary unease in interviews, her reluctance to say anything on replica louis vuitton bags from china any subject that really matters, her arm friendliness that never tips over into familiarity.

And should she ever choose to talk, Uma would have plenty to discuss. The porcelain skin and high quality replica handbags china piercing eyes might suggest perfection, but her life has had Hollywood ups and downs. At 20 she married then hellraising English actor, Gary Oldman, from whom she was divorced two years later. She subsequently enjoyed relationships with several notable names, including John Cusack, Timothy Hutton and Rattle and Hum director, Phil Joanou.

It was on the set of the 1997 futuristic thriller Gattaca that she met Ethan Hawke. Smaller than her, less gorgeous, rather more average all round, he was always considered the one to have done well for himself and regarded as spectacularly lucky when he married a seven month pregnant Thurman in 1998. Their daughter, Maya Ray, was born in July of that year, followed by a son, Levon Roan, in January 2002. The couple split a year later. In interviews, Uma never raved about her relationship with Hawke. She admitted to being happy, to loving family life, but was more verbose on why their relationship should be of no interest than on imparting any of her attitude towards it.

Initially, the break up was characterised as having Hawke alleged infidelity at its heart, but quickly he attempted to defend himself. While Uma was out promoting the first instalment of Kill Bill, he went on American TV, suggesting, “It just too hard to be married to a woman who wants to be a movie star.”

“Friends” talked about the strain on the marriage even before anyone strayed, there were rumours that Uma was more than just a muse to Kill Bill director, Quentin Tarantino dolabuy , and while she was slightly defensive of his comments, Hawke went so far as to suggest that many creative men “suffered from infidelity”. The most Uma said was that it was a difficult time, that she struggled to juggle motherhood, and refrained from blaming anyone. Soon after, she began a relationship with hip hotelier Andre Balazs, 48, with whom she remains involved, and the affair met with the approval of a public keen replica designer handbags to see Uma happy. She deserves it, we seem to decree.

You have to wonder if Uma can do any wrong. Through the Kill Bill series, she become a cult favourite; she can turn out less than fabulous films such as The Avengers and simply chalk it down to experience; she can endorse cosmetics and handbags for Lancome and Louis Vuitton without seeming a sell out.

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